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    Welcome to The Hidden Forest, an exceptional quality EverQuest emulated server! Experience a whole new level of imaginative lore, tailor-made quests, new creatures, advanced spells, custom zones, and an arsenal full of more than 2500 specialized items. Prepare yourself to become entangled in the war between Chaos and Order as you progress through this extraordinary journey! To start playing, use our Player Guide.

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View the latest post Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday GM Ydiss! :)

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View the latest post 11th January 2020 Update


Bug fixes in this update:

- Please run the patcher for the latest spell descriptions update (Includes new/updated Bard AAs plus a few others)
- Scripts that check items will now check the extra 2 slots in RoF2 inventory (For example: Evolving Items)
- Valiant Steed AA now works again.
- Enomuth and Hive zones won't boot the player on completion anymore
- All quest tasks should now register properly
- The Chaos event now has a grace period after success that allows characters to use the teleport before the zone expires.
- Items with group buffs will now respect /TGB on
- Kill credit should now apply properly for Vexthal, Nadox and HoH. Plus we've also switched it on for Riwwi to make the charm quest more reliable.
- Assassinate LDons missions will reliably spawn the boss again, additionally that pesky rescue mission will no longer show when requesting an assassinate mission.
- Ground spawns will now find the best z by default, hopefully that clears those up but keep an eye out for any that are s [...]

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View the latest post New Content News


Now that peterigz has destroyed the ultra rare and elusive lag monster of THF (for those of you who missed it, the introduction of Rof2 didn't play nicely with one of our lib files, causing a lot of lag for many players) and we've reverted most combat changes to how it used to be on THF prior to the migration, we feel happy that it's time to get our focus back on releasing the new T9 content that's been in development for over a year.

We spent some time testing the final stages of the content this week and have uncovered a short list of issues that need to be addressed and we aim to get that done over the next week or so. In the meanwhile, we'll keep fixing the issues you're reporting as we can.

Those two major issues were huge bottlenecks to our development but now they're gone we're freed up to get the good stuff finished!

We want the new content to ship live with the fewest issues possible so there will be an additional short delay while we resolve that final list. We're dow [...]

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