18 June 2020

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18 June 2020

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Update Notes

Cleric and Shaman 3.0 Revamp changes

o Changed the 10 wave attack battle solo instances in both the Cleric (Burning Wood) and Shaman (Shadow Rest) revamped 3.0 quests to make them a little less punishing for failure.
o Previously, failure would reset the progress to the start. Now, the player can opt to retry from the previously failed attack round or restart from the beginning.
o On successful completion of an attack round, the player can now opt to move to the next attack, repeat the previous attack or restart from the beginning with attack 1.
o Progress is saved whenever the player opts to move to the next attack, otherwise returning at a later time will allow the player to start at the previously started attack round.
o We hope that this will keep these events challenging but give the player more control over what to do, whilst at the same time not being too punishing when the player fails an attack. Opting to repeat the previous attack round will allow players to "lock in" at a difficulty they're comfortable with (at a reduced chance of getting the final reward, which is 100% if completing the event's final attack round)

Other fixes
o Fixed the rank check for rank-locked spells (many new spells being released recently are tradable but locked by rank ~3 ranks below the spell's tier). It was incorrectly preventing scribing spells unless the character had the same rank as the spell. This is now correct and allows a leeway of ~3 ranks.
o Example: A rank 5 player can scribe any rank-locked spell up to rank 8, but not 9. A rank 1 player can scribe any spell up to rank 4, but not 5 or higher.
o Remember, you can view your rank progress by using the #myrank command. To get higher rank, equip higher rank items!

- The THF Team

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