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Information about The Hidden Forest server.
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[THF] Server information page

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Welcome to The Hidden Forest, an exceptional quality EverQuest emulated custom server!


Server Features
o Exceptional Quality Custom Content (years of daily work of numerous developers)
o Unique item/player tier ranking system
o Increased experience/AA rate
o Enhanced weapons/spells to make your playtime fun and enjoyable
o Custom content for everyone (solo, group and raid)
o More than 55 totally custom zone up to lvl 70. See our - Zone chart
o 10 tiers of custom raid zones (guild instanced and contested)
o Adventure leaderboard for our completely Custom Adventure system - (including 32 Assassinate, Collection, Rescue and Slaughter type missions)
o Custom World Bosses in non-custom zones to make old content versatile and fun
o Alternate custom (lvl 1-45) Progression Path with regular 1x exp rate and countless custom quests
o 2500+ custom items (including serverwide unique Evolving Items)
o Hundreds of fun and unique custom Quest and Tasks
o Custom Environmental Effects, Objects, Illusions, NPCs
o Custom server lore/faction
o Custom illusions items you haven't seen before
o Custom player pets to match melee power of PC and NPC (including black panther druid pet, ice golem mage pet, etc)
o 1000 custom Spells
o 250+ custom tradeskill recipes
o Player Auras (Raid and Group version)
o Several Custom Epic and Lifetime Quests
o Server/Class balancing based on community feedback
o Unlimited BoTs (1 summonable at a time)
o 24 client limit
o Private THF Login Server
o Friendly community
o Content detailed WiKi to help your journeys on THF
o Achievement System/Leaderboard
o Guild progression leaderboard
o Customized and optimized web based tools: AllaClone, Magelo, Online status, Stuck character mover
o Active developer-GM team
o Fun GM events (BotB, gnome run, temporary quests, etc)
o Quality Server Hardware in the background hosted in a Premium Data Center

THF videos
o Teaser
o Teaser 2
o Feed the Trolls
o Custom Zones lvl 1-70
o How to play on The Hidden Forest
o Welcome Quest Tutorial
o The Hidden Forest (by Guild Warcry)
o Beginner's Guide to Gearing up

Enjoy your stay,
The THF team

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