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 Post subject: Ancient Weapon (Epic 1.5) - Gondon - The Hidden Forest
 Post Posted: Sat Jun 13, 2009 12:16 pm 
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[lvl 60+] Epic 1.5 quest. (prerequisite for the Ancient Frozen Weapon quest, aka Epic 2.0)
Step1 - Talk to Gondon to start the quest and to get your flag.
Step2 - Seek Fangor The Wise in a dark forest..

This quest involves 9+ submissions, collect tasks, world boss kills and many more.. you'll need your friends help at some point. Enjoy :)

.:: GM Lillu ::.

 Post subject: Re: Ancient Weapon (Epic 1.5) - Gondon - The Hidden Forest
 Post Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2009 2:59 pm 

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Spoiler Alert!


NOTE - I still need confirmation on 2 things if anyone can clear them up.
Just search the document for the word "confirmation". Thanks!

So you killed orcs for what seemed like an eternity and finally found your epic ... and those poor warriors had to find the red scabbard too ... well if you think that took forever, just read what awaits you on your Epic 1.5 quest!

This is a lengthy quest progressing through many zones, involving many NPC's, and requiring the death of many enemies also. This is not for the feint of heart! Be aware that at some point, you will need to find some friends to help you out!

Level 65 is required before this quest is available to you. However, you will be able to collect epic items before level 65.

Gondon - Beginnings (The Hidden Forest)

Your epic 1.5 journey begins with the noble Sporali, Gondon, who is in The Hidden Forest. You can find him opposite Queen Adrianne in the same area as Sheever, Lilly, and Gorgoza. His specific location is -37, -122.

You say, 'Hail Gondon'

Well met, Jerant. I'm sorry, but I'm rather busy now. These times are dark, there is no time for a chit-chat. The [war] is upon us.

Gondon looks you up and down.

You say, 'What war'

Gondon says, 'Long ago when these ancient forests were young groves, the Chaos Lords and the Lords of Order were one species.. an ancient species that kept our world in balance. After years of peace, they started to argue about the right path to follow. This argument came into a war. They started to look for followers and soon the war covered the whole world. The Hidden Forest became the last place to protect the peace and balance, but this peace is in [danger] now..'

You say, 'What kind of danger?'

Gondon says, 'The army of the Chaos Lords is growing day after day. Their followers soon will find our glade, and we have to protect our woods and put and [end] to this war or the Chaos will overrun us..'

You say, 'How do we end it?

Gondon says, 'There is only one way to end this war and that is to find the Ancient Weapon and use it against the Chaos.. This Ancient Weapon is the only item that can harm the magic what protects the Chaos Lords. Seek out the Ancient Weapon and you'll be able to confront the Chaos and once again bring peace and harmony to our lands. Start your search in the dark forest.. Find our friend Fangor, he might have some information about the Ancient Weapon's whereabouts..'

You became the chosen one to find the Ancient Weapon!

Gondor gives you all the background information and lore to the quest (you read it, didn't you? ... It's good stuff!) and then sends you to go find Fangor in a dark forest - Kithicor. You can use Elyse to travel there quickly.

Fangor - Task 1 (Kithicor)

Fangor the Wise is a very large Sporali, but this is a very large zone, so you may need some assistance finding him. He is located towards the SE part of the zone by the lake. This specific location is -87, 18.

You say, 'Hail Fangor'

Fangor says, 'Ehhh.. hummm.. Who is that? I came to this forest to find calmness. Who are you traveler? Why do you disturb my peace of mind?'

Fangor looks like as if he is about to asleep.

You say, 'Ancient weapon'

Fangor says, 'You look like you are too young to even think about such an ancient and powerful item. For many years now, there was not one adventurer who deserved to wield that Ancient Weapon. None of them were able to pass the [test] to deserve it.

You say, 'What test?'

Fangor says, 'You have to pass four challenging tests to prove your bravery.. and this is not an easy task, believe me. Elorell, The Ancient Weapon Guard won't even talk to you if you don't have a proof of your efficiency. But if you will succeed in passing my trials, I will reward you with a magical stone for each of your achievements.. Once you have all four magical stones, show them to the Ancient Weapon Guard, and you'll gain access to the greatly desired treasure.. but you better think twice before you decide to [accept] this challenge. You have been warned Jerant..

You say, 'I accept!'

Fangor says, 'You are young and brave.. and as the saying says.. the one who dares wins.. I wish you more luck than what your fellow adventurers had.. umm.. humm.. let me sleep now..

Popup window:
Welcome to your Ancient Weapon adventure Jerant. Make sure you are prepared for the upcoming challenges!

It's a good idea to get yourself
  • level 70
  • some basic AA skills
  • decent gear

If you ever feel lost or unable to progress, don't be shy to ask for help, this is definitely not a journey to make on your own.. Also, please make sure you do item turn ins in proper order, according to the task requests. Anyhow, I wish you good luck. Queen Adrianne's blessing be with you. You will need it!

Click below to begin the journey!

Fangor falls asleep.

At this point you will be issued your first task which is easily solo'd. You must find the four magical stones Fangor asked for. These are random drops form non-named NPC's and can be found in a number of places: Sebilis, Nagafen's Lair, Plane of Valor, Plane of Storms, Plane of Torment, Crypt of Decay, and Western Wastelands. However, I would suggest sticking with these: Sebilis, Nagafen's Lair, or Plane of Valor.

Depending on your luck, this can be quite a grind, but you'll get some great AA's in the mean time so don't rush it. You'll need the AA's, especially if you plan to tank the upcoming challenges. Also, often times people will /shout to the zone if any stones are rotting.

Find these items and then return to Fangor:

You say, 'Hail Fangor'

Fangor says, 'Ehhh.. hummm.. Who is that again? Oh, hello there, Jerant..'

WARNING: Do not turn anything in unless you have the corresponding task - Fangor will take and keep your items! This pertains to all steps of this quest.

Turn in your 4 magical stones and receive your first reward: Stone of the Persistent.

You say, 'Hail Fangor'

Fangor says, 'If you have finished your task Jerant, you can accept the next challenge.'

Fangor - Task 2 (Kithicor)

The next task given to you is a group task. Fangor asks you to slay the four unicorns of Chaos and Order and bring him their hearts. The four unicorns are:

I will not provide details directions to each unicorn as the location should be sufficient, although be forewarned they are on Chaos/Order faction and do roam around so be cautious.

These unicorns are pretty standard without any spells or AE's. They rampage and flurry, but aren't too bad over all. If your circle of friends have 50 AA's on average and Sebilis/Solb/PoValor level gear then you could probably handle these guys without much problem. Personally, I think if you can handle Kael Drakkel non-named NPC's unslowed then you can easily handle these guys.

Each of these unicorns drops 6 hearts and you will need to loot one of each:

Take your hearts to Fangor, turn them in, and he will now reward you with your second reward: Stone of the Hearty

You say, 'Hail Fangor'

Fangor says, 'If you have finished your task Jerant, you can accept the next challenge.'

Fangor - Task 3 (Kithicor)

Your next task is similar in concept to the last one, but slightly more difficult. Fangor now requests you slay four NPC's who are in different zones. The four NPC's you need to slay are:

These NPC's are a bit harder than the Unicorns. Some have their own special attacks (procs) and some have guards you'll need to split and dispatch of. Mayong, Garanel, and the Terrorantula are all about the same in difficulty, but the Spectre is the hardest (in this author's opinion). You will need a tank with full defensive AA's - either a warrior with defensive discipline or an SK/Paladin with their Kael gloves.

Each of these NPC's drop 6 eyes and you will need to loot one of each:

Take your eyes to Fangor, turn them in, and he will now reward you with your third reward: Stone of the Reckless [Need confirmation]

You say, 'Hail Fangor'

Fangor says, 'If you have finished your task Jerant, you can accept the next challenge.'

Fangor - Task 4 (Kithicor)

Now begins your fourth and final task - and also the most difficult of the quartet! I hope you've made friends on the server because you'll need them now! Fangor asks you to slay one of the 3 fabled dragons to prove your mettle and worthiness for the ancient weapon. This is something that should only be tried with two or more groups (unless you know what you're doing - so then why are you reading this? :p)

You have three possible targets to choose from:

Each encounter is unique in of itself, but since these are very well known and historical EverQuest bosses, I will leave the details for you to figure out.

Each dragon will drop 6 Blood of the Dragon which you should take back to Fangor.

When you hand in your blood, Fangor will then return to you Stone of the Fearless [Need confirmation] and say:

Fangor says, 'Impressive achievement $name, you proved to be a true hero. Don't hesitate, go and find Elorell, The Ancient Weapon Guard deep within the ruins of Old Sebilis..

Quest Popup: Your Epic 1.5 adventure is finished. Congratulations on a job well done!

Elorell - Almost There! (Sebilis)

Congratulations! The hard part is now behind you! However there are a few more steps for you to take before you hold that precious ancient weapon in your hands. You must now go see Elorell, but that in itself can be a daunting task.

Elorell is located deep in the heart of Sebilis, even further in than Trakanon himself. His specific location is -1897, -722. In fact, this is the problem facing most people at this point - due to their hours of killing things in Sebilis (and other zones) for the 4 magical zones they are KoS (kill on sight).

To remedy this situation, you have a couple options:
  • If you are a Rogue with Shroud of Stealth, you are able to sneak by on the left side if you proceed with caution. Trakanon will be able to see you (and maybe the Sebilite Protector?), but the Sebilite Protector will be turned away from you and will not chain aggro Trakanon and you will be able to make your way safely to Elorell.
  • If you are any other class than a Rogue with Shroud of Stealth, you can go mass killing in Guk for opposite faction and eventually work you way back to not being KoS. It took 4 complete clears of Guk dead-side to reach this for the author.

You say, 'Hail Elorell'

Elorell says, 'I have heard of your coming Jerant. Rumors said you have [passed] the trials of Fangor, and became the hero of The Hidden Forest.'

Elorell looks at you incredulously.

You say, 'I have passed the trials'

Elorell says, 'Give me the four magical stones mortal and I will open the gates to the secret place where the Ancient Weapon is held.

Hand Elorell the 4 stones that Fangor gave you and you will automatically be transported to the Hidden Vale.

Elorell hands you a mistical key that opens the door to the long lost Hidden Vale.

Winx the Protector - Conclusion (The Hidden Vale)

As you enter this zone, Winx will be nearby at the specific location of -963, 641.

You say, 'Hail Winx the Protector'

Winx the Protector says, 'Ohh! If you found this ancient and secret place, you must be Jerant the hero of The Hidden Forest. I've been waiting for you. Please take you [reward], it's well deserved.

You say, 'What is my reward?'

Winx hands you the Ancient Weapon. You can feel it's power starting to pulsate as you take it into your hands.

Serverwide Shout: Congratulations Jerant the cleric on completing an epic journey and for obtaining the Ancient Weapon!

You are now the wielder of the powerful Ancient Weapon.

You say, 'Hail Winx the Protector'

Winx the Protector says, 'You epic journey has ended for now. Let me know when you are [ready] to travel back to The Hidden Forest.

You say, 'I am ready'

Winx the Protector says, 'Jerant, stand close to me while I cast..

Winx moves her hands as if chanting...

Congratulations on your new 1.5 epic!

The reward:

Warrior - Ancient Sword of the Champion
Rogue - Ancient Tool of the Thieves
Monk - Ancient Fistwraps of Eternity
Berserker - Ancient Axe of Raw Power
Shadowknight - Ancient Doombringer
Paladin - Ancient Sword of Truth
Ranger - Ancient Hunter Blade
Bard - Ancient Blade of the Singer
Beastlord - Ancient Lord's Totem
Cleric - Ancient Shield of the Divine
Druid - Ancient Roots of the Natureguard
Shaman - Ancient Talisman of Fates
Wizard - Ancient Prismatic Staff of Power
Magician - Ancient Staff of Elemental Power
Enchanter - Ancient Entrancer's Staff
Necromancer - Ancient Souleater

Formerly known as:
Jerant the Loremaster - Cleric
Hans Poisondirk - Rogue

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