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 Post subject: [THF] Private Login Server - FAQ
 Post Posted: Tue May 18, 2010 5:07 pm 
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Q1: Im confused, public, private what?
o The Public Login Server (eqemu ls) is hosted by the eqemulator team.
o The Private Login Server (THF ls) is our own hosted login server.

Q2: I don't have an EqEmu account, nor a THF account but I want to play on other Emu Servers too. What now?
You have to register an account at: Once you are done registering an account, you can connect to THF via the Public Login Server. For more details on how to connect to THF depending on your Everquest client version, read through this post please.

Q3: I don't have an EqEmu account, nor a THF account but I only plan to play on THF and do not wish to play on other Emu Servers. What now?
Simply fill out the registration form: HERE and see Q4.

Q4: I already have an EqEmu or THF account, What do i need to do to use the new Private Login Server?
1. If you have a THF account, go on to step 3. Please note that the THF player account is not the same as THF forum account.

2. If you have an EqEmu account, register (link it) with our private THF Login Server if you haven't yet. You can check if the account is linked already ingame with the #getlsinfo command.
To do so, log in to THF using the Public Login Server (as you would normally do to play). Once you are in game, run the following command #setlsinfo accountname password email
For example : #setlsinfo MyAccountName MyPassword
You'll need to repeat this with all of your existing EqEmu accounts, can use the same email address for any account.

Make sure that the Mail address you use is valid and working!!!

3. Change your eqhost.txt file to point to our Private Login Server.
To do so go to your Everquest directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\Everquest) and make a copy of the file eqhost.txt to eqhost.txt_backup. Then open the original eqhost.txt file and change it (depending on your client)
Titanium and SoF client to:

SoD and UF client to:

Once you are done, you are ready to run EverQuest and connect to THF via our Private login server.

Q5: Who needs to use the Pivate Login Server?
If you registered a new THF account, you can only use the Private Login Server to connect to THF.

Q6: If the EqEmu Login Server is down, can i use the Private Login Server with my EqEmu account?
Yes, if you previously resistered your account with the #setlsinfo command in-game.

Q7: Can I reset my THF account password?
Yes, here: clone/account/reset.php

Q8: Can use the same account name to register at THF as my Eqemu account name?
You can, but if you would, please make sure to pick a different password for each of em.

Q9: Can I use the same e-mail address for different account registration?

Q10: I don't see the amount of players online while using the Private Login Server
That's normal. The THF login server is not supporting that feature yet.

Q11: I have connection issue, or other questions. Where can I post it?
Click: Here.

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