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Ancient Weapon (Epic 2.0) - Gondon - The Hidden Forest

Required to start and finish:

  • Completion of the Epic 1.5
  • Access to Temple of Veeshan
  • Access to Sleepers Tomb

Epic 2.0 Quest

(The following is a break down for obtaining the 2.0 until a more detailed review is written)

-The Epic 2.0 quest can be started once you have completed the Epic 1.5

-Gondon is the same npc that gave the quest for the epic 1.5

-Gondon will send you to lavastorm mountains to speak with Giblet.

-Giblet will give you a task to kill a series of dragons in the Temple of Veeshan then return to Giblet.

-Giblet gives you a note to give to Irontoe in Icewell.

-Irontoe asks for you to find him 4 [Icy Emblems] in Icewell.

-Irontoe asks for [Powerful Temper sold by Umbo (Misc) in The Hidden Forest.

-Irontoe now sends you to Western Wastes to speak with the Dragon Sage in regards to the Ancient Frozen Material recipe.

-The Dragon Sage will give you the recipe if you collect 4 books from his students for him they are in the following zones:

-Return to the Dragon Sage, give him the 4 books and he will tell you the recipe to for the ancient frozen material.

-The ancient frozen material consist of 4 items you will need to collect they are in the following zones:

1) Slay Melalafen for the Frozen Tear of a Dragon -Update Melalafen now drops 6 tears upon death.

2) Slay the other dragons around Westernwastes until you have looted 3 Fragment of a Tear, combine 3 of these in a forge
Recipe: frozen tear will yield a [Frozen Tear of a Dragon]

-Next combine the 4 items in a forge Acid of Eternity, Blood Drop of the War Machine, Pure Water and Frozen Tear of a Dragon
Recipe: Ancient Frozen yields the [Ancient Frozen Material]

-Return to Irontoe in Icewell and give him the ancient frozen material.

-Irontoe asks for [Broken Ancient Blade] drops off any of the 3 members of the royal family in Chardok.

-Irontoe asks for [Anvil of Dain] drops from Dain Frostreaver in Icewell Keep.

-Irontoe asks for a [Glowing Mold] drops from the Avatar of War in Kael Drakkel.

-Irontoe asks for [Blood of the Elder] drops from Vulak`Aerr in the Temple of Veeshan.

-Irontoe gives you [Ancient Frozen Weapon] non enchanted version... take this to Dentor in Sleepers Tomb. (key or flag required to enter Sleepers Tomb)
See also.... Keys & Flags

-Speak with Dentor until he asks for the ancient frozen weapon.

-Server wide shout : Congratulations [You] for completing the epic journey and for obtaining the [Epic 2.0]