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The Epic 2.8 augmentation even further increases the potential of the Epic 2.0 once augmented into the slot 30. The Epic 2.8 is an upgrade to its predecessour the Epic 2.5.

Obtaining the Epic 2.8

The Epic 2.8 can be obtained once access to Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind aka. Plane of Air (Poair) is achieved. To begin the quest first speak with Thrawli located near the zone in. Thrawi will offer you a bag Marble's Home if you speak to him about the slot 30 augment, this will be used later once you have aquired the 4 items (listed below) needed for the combine (Note: no tradeskill required).

Getting to know Poair: First a little background on how Poair is set up. You will find that Poair may look confusing at first but its actually quite simple it consist of 6 floating islands also referred to as fields all connected by a series of tunnels. They are in order as you run through the spiraling, twisting tunnels. From the (zone in) castellan field, stormriders field, air elemental field, phoenix field, spider field and if you look up you will see the isle where Xegony,Queen of Air resides. As you move to each of these you will notice along the way two crossroads splitting into four directions, heading forward will keep you on the path to the next field while turning either right or left will lead you to a building where you will find the avatars.

2.8 Reward

Items needed

Each of the classes below will require 1 symbol and 3 of the corresponding items listed below.
(e.g Warrior: Symbol of Strength (1), Blue Marble (3) and the Marble's Home (combine container).

Emblem of Shattering

Emblem of Strength

Emblem of Life

Emblem of Thought

Related NPCs

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