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Introduction - The Hidden Forest Custom-Legit EQEmu server

Welcome to The Hidden Forest, a custom/legit emulated server. Experience a whole new level of imaginative lore, tailor-made quests, new creatures, advanced spells, custom zones, and an arsenal full of more than 2500 specialized items. Prepare yourself to become entangled in the war between Chaos and Order as you progress through this extraordinary journey! Enjoy your stay! The Hidden Forest

The Hidden Forest - WiKi

This is the Main Page for our new Wiki. We created this so the community can search, read up and help keep the level of customization for all classes up to date.

To get write Access you'll need to PM Noren at our forum. We will then create an Account name that is the same as your Forum Account name. Please don't forget to give us a password of your choice!

Users without at least 20 posts will not get access rights here (exceptions possible for good reasons only).

Server Features

Exceptional Quality Custom Content (years of daily work of numerous developers)

No more mindless grind or endless time sink

Increased experience/AA rate

Enhanced weapons/spells to make your playtime fun and enjoyable

Custom content for everyone (solo, group and raid)

More than 55 totally custom zone up to lvl 70. See our - Zone chart

10 tiers of custom raid zones (guild instanced and contested)

Adventure leaderboard for our completely Custom Adventure system - (including 32 Assassinate, Collection, Rescue and Slaughter type missions)

Custom World Bosses in non-custom zones to make old content versatile and fun

Alternate custom (lvl 1-45) Progression Path with regular 1x exp rate and countless custom quests

2500+ custom items (including serverwide unique Evolving Items)

Hundreds of fun and unique custom Quest and Tasks

Custom Environmental Effects, Objects, Illusions, NPCs

Custom server lore/faction

Artifacts for valued community members and veteran players

Custom illusions items you haven't seen before

Custom player pets to match melee power of PC and NPC (including black panther druid pet, ice golem mage pet, etc)

1000 custom Spells

250+ custom tradeskill recipes

Player Auras (Raid and Group version)

Several Custom Epic and Lifetime Quests

Server/Class balancing based on community feedback

Unlimited BoTs (1 summonable at a time)

No account limit

Private THF Login Server

Titanium/SoF/SoD/UF client compatibility

Active and friendly community

Content detailed WiKi to help your journeys on THF

Achievement System (track your ingame progression at our portal)

Customized and optimized web based tools: AllaClone, Magelo, Online status, Stuck character mover

Active developer-GM team (check out our server content changelog, it will tell how dedicated our team is)

Fun GM events (BotB, gnome run, temporary quests, etc)

Quality Server Hardware in the background

Special thanks goes to the THF community!