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RoF2 Server Update

Post#1 » Mon Dec 02, 2019 9:40 pm

Server Update to RoF2 is now Live!


Firstly, thanks to everyone who hopped on to the test server and helped us find bugs, we really appreciate it and it helped a great deal :)

We'd also like to thank all the devs that work on the EQEmu code as they continue to make huge improvements to the code base. This update represents 4 and a half years of updates merged into the THF custom code bringing to you a whole host of changes, including:

  • AA system got rewritten which is more robust and extended functionality.
  • Huge amount of server performance optimizations
  • Zoning is a lot faster.
  • New admin features to make it easier for us to update the server
  • New Bot command system and bots have been revamped. New commands start with ^, see here for full list: ... t-commands
  • Combat revamped, which affected melee DPS a lot, I've managed to keep as close as I can to THF norms but this will need testing.
  • Data buckets introduced which will help us write more efficient and reliable quests.
  • Huge improvements to NPC pathing
  • Login server got revamped
  • For a complete list of server updates you can check here: (years 2015 - current)

By logging into the server with Rof2 (available here: ... Vshhoeix5t) you'll be able to enjoy these client feature highlights:
  • Item clickies now work from bags.
  • Augments can now be inserted straight into the item, no need for a bird bath.
  • 2 new inventory slots in the main inventory window.
  • Hot buttons now have right click menus to more easily assign customizations.
  • More hot key bars available
  • Empty bags can now be placed inside other bags.
  • Copy layout, hotkeys, and more to easily setup multiple character UIs.
  • All merchants can now show only items your character can use
  • Visible cool-down indicators on items, spells and discs.
  • Bunch of new graphics and models that we can make use of.
  • Performance increases over underfoot client.

There's a huge amount of changes altogether, which also means there may also be one or two issues still to iron out, so don't hesitate to let us know on the Feedback and Errors Forums.

With this update now done, it will free us up a lot more to concentrate on new content and features in the near future, lots of exciting stuff to come! :)

The following changes are now also live:

- Epic 1.5 quest : Elorelle (Sebilis) no longer ports you to Winx to obtain the final reward. Elorelle has decided it's a whole lot easier if he just hands out the reward himself.
- This means that there's now no need for Winx to hang out in The Hidden Vale.
- Once we're happy Elorelle can sufficiently handle his new job without any issues, Winx will move out of the Hidden Vale and retire to a life of relaxation.
- We'd like to thank Winx for 10 years of hard work. The sheer number of epic 1.5 weapons Winx must have handed out over that time must be huge.
- Once Winx has retired to a life of sipping gin and tonic on a beach somewhere, her protectors in the Hidden Vale can also retire.
- Once they've moved on, we will open up the whole of The Hidden Vale for use, so you'll be free to roam all of the caves.

- City of Mist : Tzirathk, the end boss of the zone, for some reason was a bit shy and only appeared a quarter of the time. We feel that he should represent his city just as much as Venril Sathir does in Karnors and think that, considering how much effort is required for adventurers to actually get to his location and how little there is to do up there while waiting for him to pop, Tzirathk could at least be polite and actually turn up (Tzirathk now has 100% chance to spawn instead of 25%).

- The THF team

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