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    Welcome to The Hidden Forest, an exceptional quality EverQuest emulated server! Experience a whole new level of imaginative lore, tailor-made quests, new creatures, advanced spells, custom zones, and an arsenal full of more than 2500 specialized items. Prepare yourself to become entangled in the war between Chaos and Order as you progress through this extraordinary journey! To start playing, use our Player Guide.

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View the latest post New discord to ooc texting feature!

We are glad to announce an exciting new Discord plugin!

New features.
o The plugin allows Everquest to communicate with Discord in a bidirectional manner.

o All in-game ooc chat will display in the Discord #ooc text channel.

o Typing in the Discord #ooc text channel will show ingame.
To enable a player to talk from Discord to EQ please make a permission request at the #request_ooc_permission text channel. Simply provide your main character name and level.

o o The Discord ServerChat[BOT] will show how many players are online in-game at all time.

o Typing in ooc with the WTS/WTB tags will show up in the #auction/color] text channel[.
Replying in the [color=#0080FF]#auction text channel
will show up in-game in ooc.

Credit goes to our veteran player Xackery aka Shin Noir the dark elf bard for this awesome tool! <3

If you haven't joined the official THF discord yet, please see this post.

- The THF team

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View the latest post 25 January 2020

Server maintenance reboot.

Also, the fixes posted lately on the forums should all be live now.

- The THF team

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View the latest post Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday GM Ydiss! :)

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