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    Welcome to The Hidden Forest, an exceptional quality EverQuest emulated server! Experience a whole new level of imaginative lore, tailor-made quests, new creatures, advanced spells, custom zones, and an arsenal full of more than 2500 specialized items. Prepare yourself to become entangled in the war between Chaos and Order as you progress through this extraordinary journey! To start playing, use our Player Guide.

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View the latest post Game server is back up

Everything is looking good so far on the new host OS, we did the upgrade and GM Peterigz did some magic to the new setup. :) A few testing, replication setup, final tuning is still left to do but we opened up the game server already. Please report if you'd encounter any bugs.

I made a post with some more details about the downtime just so you guys see what was going on.

Enjoy your stay!
-The THF team

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View the latest post Final downtime.

There will be (this time scheduled) downtime today, starting now. It should be a few hours at the most. We'll keep you guys updated. Web services will also be down for a while.

- The THF team

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View the latest post Game server is back up

THF game server is back up. Please make sure to post any issues you would encounter. Thanks again for your patience. We'll do some double exp/AA session soon to recover from the downtime. :D

-The THF team

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