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    Welcome to The Hidden Forest, an exceptional quality EverQuest emulated server! Experience a whole new level of imaginative lore, tailor-made quests, new creatures, advanced spells, custom zones, and an arsenal full of more than 2500 specialized items. Prepare yourself to become entangled in the war between Chaos and Order as you progress through this extraordinary journey! To start playing, use our Player Guide.

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View the latest post 27th July 2020

Update Notes

o Potentially fixed another zone crash bug involving bots
o Fixed a bug where telling a bot to camp would result in them rejoing the group again after zoning.
o Fordel Gem should hopefully be more reliable in keeping its stats.
o When using #myrank it will double check that you have been awarded the infamy achievements, so if you're missing the infamy achievements for any characters then use that command to get them applied.
o Illusion components of spells should no longer block buffs from stacking for some spells (eg elven rope effect and Death's entombment)

- The THF Team

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View the latest post 18th July 2020

Update Notes

o Fixed a zone crash bug
o Some more work on achievements in game and also the leaderboard for achievements now pulls directly from the the new log table. We are aware that some characters don't have the infamy achievements but that will be sorted ASAP.

- The THF Team

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View the latest post Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!

Double exp and AA rate During the event!

After many eons and much bloodshed, the ultimate epic battle has crept it's way into the heart of Norrath...
That's right, the 4th of July Events have officially started in Lake Rathe where two feuding families have decided to wage an all out war against one another in the epic battle of Hamburgers Vs. Hot Dogs!
Which side shall you choose? Burgerz or Frank N` Beanz?


Who shall be victorious lies in your hands..

Holiday Events:
    o The special 4th of July quests from previous years!
    o The Holiday event from previous years is also available. Below you will find a refresher on the rules/restrictions for the Holiday event.
    o The event will be live until Wednesday.

During the Holiday festivities, is a raid event in which the defenders of The Hidden Forest will find themselves face to face with the entrapped Moar Burgerz! This event is designed for all guilds to be able to enjoy. The difficulty of the event properly scales between Ti [...]

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