11th January 2020 Update

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11th January 2020 Update

Post#1 » Sat Jan 11, 2020 12:54 pm


Bug fixes in this update:

- Please run the patcher for the latest spell descriptions update (Includes new/updated Bard AAs plus a few others)
- Scripts that check items will now check the extra 2 slots in RoF2 inventory (For example: Evolving Items)
- Valiant Steed AA now works again.
- Enomuth and Hive zones won't boot the player on completion anymore
- All quest tasks should now register properly
- The Chaos event now has a grace period after success that allows characters to use the teleport before the zone expires.
- Items with group buffs will now respect /TGB on
- Kill credit should now apply properly for Vexthal, Nadox and HoH. Plus we've also switched it on for Riwwi to make the charm quest more reliable.
- Assassinate LDons missions will reliably spawn the boss again, additionally that pesky rescue mission will no longer show when requesting an assassinate mission.
- Ground spawns will now find the best z by default, hopefully that clears those up but keep an eye out for any that are still out of place.

- The THF Team

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