21 May 2020

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21 May 2020

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Change log for today's update:

Cleric Epic 3.0 Quest Revamp

We've finished revamping the cleric epic 3.0 quest and it's now live. For more information about the 3.0 Revamp project, please read here.

o Replaced the "solo" task stages completely with solo instances. These are designed for a T5 cleric to solo and are challenging tasks but should be a lot more fun than what came before.
o These solo instances are opened to any clerics that already completed the epic 3.0! Please do go and give them a try and let us know what you think! Instead of the quest rewards that you no longer need, you'll get up to 4 AA potions instead.
o The option to try "solo" or "raid" tasks is no longer permanent. You can freely switch between either, trying both if you like, but can change your mind as often as you like until you complete one of the two options.
o Changed all 6 minute respawn, 5% drop rate npcs to +-3 hour respawn, 25% drop rate.
o The foraging tasks have been changed to be more fun, less tedious and present a little challenge. When asked to find these items (so when the cleric is flagged for that stage of the quest), any time the forage skill is used the item you need will have a physical location and you will be given clues as to where in the zone that item is. Follow the clues and keep foraging as you go. If you get close enough, you'll find the item regardless of your foraging success or failure. The item location is reset if you don't do anything for more than five minutes. Each forage attempt will reset that timer to five minutes.
o Hint: All classes can forage, even if you don't have the innate ability to use it. It's available as an AA ability for 1 point.
o Hint2: I tried this myself and got the two items within less than an hour. You're free to do it the old way, of course (the items remain tradable).

Cleric Level 70 New Spells

Along with the epic 3.0 quest revamps and the new ones, we're reviewing the class spells for that class. We've added a number of new spells to the cleric line after level 70. These spells are:
o Divine Genuflection (T0). Root.
o Divine Admiration (T1). Stun.
o Death's Devastation (T0). Undead Direct Damage.
o Desecrate the Dead (T0). Undead DOT.
o Chaotic Sermon (t4). AoE damage.
o Death's Violation (t5). Undead Direct Damage.
o Damning the Dead (t5). Undead DOT.
o True Death Serenade (T5) Undead only Calm up to level 73 (as powerful as Chaotic Pacification but only for undead)
o True Elixir (T5): Group Elixir Heal (V2 HoT)
o Divine Retribution (T6). Direct Damage Nuke.
o Death's Immolation (T9). Undead Direct Damage.
o Devoid the Dead (T9). Undead DOT.
o Divine Damnation (T9). Direct Damage Nuke.
o Divine Elixir (T9): Group Elixir Heal (V2 HoT)

Other Changes

o Tweaked the failure script in Deepscar's Den to hopefully reduce the issues players have been experiencing.
o Changed the item Boots of the Prisoner to be leather only (Monk and Beastlord) and changed the look to leather.
o Added new item Boots of Shimmer which is the same item but for Rogues, Berserkers, Bards and Rangers and made the look like plate. Both items drop from the same NPC.
o Added these two items to Trizy (Exchange Fairy) so anyone who looted the Boots of the Prisoner but can no longer use can switch between these two items freely (including augments, ignore the warning if you see it, that is hard coded to the client). This will only remain in place for a couple weeks, then will be removed again.
o Corrected the spell Murg's Choloplast to actually heal not cause damage.
o Corrected the Elemental Aura I: Fire spell to apply a damage shield that hurts rather than heals the target hitting you.
o Increased the chance for the Mistress of Blight to drop spells from 10% to 50%. Her list of spell drops is increasing and will continue to do so.


- The THF Team

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