23 May 2020

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23 May 2020

Post#1 » Sat May 23, 2020 1:10 pm

Hello THF,

I'd like to announce and explain a recent change that wasn't mentioned in recent patch notes. Why did that happen and why is it happening.

There were some inconsistency in the blocked spell list in some zones and one of our DEVs spotted that and fixed it as part of the spell revamp project. It was a quick fix and seemingly didn't affect anything.

Following yesterday's patch we got contacted by a player that Call of the heroes spell (group version) doesn't work anymore as before. As always we investigated.

Until now, Call of the heros was working in zones where the single target version of the spell was actually blocked. Obviously, this is almost like an exploit and was never intentional to let this spell do what the single target version can't. Unfortunately this spell is exclusive to Ino's Lost Trinket so that make things even more complicated.

Just to be clear, this was never an intentional functionality of the item and we never ever advertised this item as one that enables content, or even worse flag skipping. The single target version of the spell or Arion, Skull of the Ancient never worked like that.

There are places where spell blocking is scripted (DSK3 or Ssra throne room) and therefor the blocking of CoH was consistently working so this might unfortunately give the whole topic even more of a confusion.

TL;DR, Ino's Lost Trinket is working the same way now as Arion, Skull of the Ancient as far as restrictions go.

If there's any zones where this has created a major inconvenience, then let us know and perhaps there's a way we can implement a more natural progression towards accessing parts of the zone via flags/quests etc. The restriction in The Hidden Vale and Nadox is lifted already.

Thanks for your attention.
- The THF team

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