16 June 2020

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16 June 2020

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Make sure you patch to the latest version with the THF Patcher!

Change log for today's update:

Shaman Epic 3.0 Quest Revamp

We've finished revamping the shaman epic 3.0 quest and it's now live. For more information about the 3.0 Revamp project, please read here.


o Replaced the "solo" task stages completely with solo instances. These are designed for a T5 shaman to solo and are challenging tasks but should be a lot more fun than what came before.
o The option to try "solo" or "raid" tasks is no longer permanent. You can freely switch between either, trying both if you like, but can change your mind as often as you like until you complete one of the two options.
o Changed all 6 minute respawn, 5% drop rate npcs in the quest to +-3 hour respawn, 25% drop rate or thereabouts (some may vary).
o The foraging tasks have been changed to be more fun, less tedious and present a little challenge. When asked to find these items (so when the shaman is flagged for that stage of the quest), any time the forage skill is used the item you need will have a physical location and you will be given clues as to where in the zone that item is. Follow the clues and keep foraging as you go. If you get close enough, you'll find the item regardless of your foraging success or failure. The item location is reset if you don't do anything for more than five minutes. Each forage attempt will reset that timer to five minutes.
o Hint: All classes can forage, even if you don't have the innate ability to use it. It's available as an AA ability for 3 points.
o Hint2: I tried this myself and got the two items within about two hours. You're free to do it the old way, of course (the items remain tradable) but it can take several hours of spamming the forage key so the choice is yours.

Shaman Level 70 New Spells

Along with the epic 3.0 quest revamps and the new ones, we're reviewing the class spells for that class. We've added a number of new spells to the shaman line after level 70. These spells are listed below but before that we would like to introduce a brand new totally custom spell type!

New Spell Type: Summon Spell Amplifier

We've created an exciting new spell effect that will allow us to add a wide range of customisation to caster spells, called Summon Spell Amplifier. The headline benefits for this new effect are:

o No buff slots are used! These spells are maintained via an "amplifier" that you summon. It remains in place for a short period of time and can have a mana upkeep (per tick). But there's no buff icon in either the long or short duration buff window, freeing up space for the other buffs.
o These "amplifiers" will passively boost spell effectiveness. Currently, they can boost the value of healing or damage spells in AoE (that's AoE, not group!) or they can "echo" a direct heal or damage spell.
o Echo effects will literally Echo the initial effect repeatedly, up to 6 times. The value of the echo decreases with each iteration and this "degradation" can be controlled in the spell effect. In theory, a heal could echo 6 times for the full 100% effect each second or just once for 1% of the original value.
o These effects do not increase hate. This is a huge part of these new "amplifiers"... The added damage or healing doesn't come from the caster, so you incur no additional hate.

There are other benefits and the new spells will take some getting used to so we go into more detail about these new effect types here. Please read up to get a full understanding of how the new spells will work.

So, onto the new shaman spells in full (including their new Totems, which are the shaman's version of the Spell Amplifier). Remember, now that we have ranks on THF, almost all of the spells below are TRADABLE but can only be scribed if you're the required rank (in general, this is within 3 ranks of the spell rank):

o Spiritual Adherence (Rank 1): Faster cast, higher resist adjust, short duration root
o Debilitating Rot (Rank 1): stat and poison/cold debuff
o True Rot (Rank 5): stat and poison/cold debuff
o Discordant Rot (Rank 7): stat and poison/cold debuff

o Ancient: Frost Blast (rank 3): cold nuke
o True Ice (rank 5): cold nuke
o Frost of Bixt (rank 7): cold nuke
o Frost of Ykt (rank 9): cold nuke
o Deadly Venom (rank 1): poison nuke
o Chaotic Venom (rank 4): poison nuke
o Savage Venom (rank 6): poison nuke
o Deathly Venom (rank 9): poison nuke
o Buffed the poison damage of the shaman's existing DoTs (Blood of Yoppa, Blood of the Orc, Poison of Mastery and Poison of Blight).

o Totem of the Ghelf (rank 1): self only echo heal 15% x 2 echoes
o Ancient: Totem of Jhandra (rank 3): self only echo heal 25% x 3
o Totem of True Spirit (rank 5): self only echo heal 45% x 3
o Totem of Echoing Water Rk. I (rank 8): self only echo heal 55% x 3
o Totem of Echoing Water Rk. II (rank 8): self only echo heal 60% x 4
o Totem of Echoing Water Rk. III (rank 8): self only echo heal 65% x 5
o Totem of Alavinari (rank 9): self only echo heal 75% x 6
o Chaotic Totem of Healing (rank 4): boost heals in AoE 15%
o Totem of Veeshan (rank 6): boost heals in AoE 25%
o Dranik's Totem (rank 9): boost heals in AoE 35%
o Ancient: Frosty Totem (rank 3): self only echo cold damage 20% x2
o True Frozen Totem (rank 5): self only echo cold damage 35% x3
o Glacier Totem (rank 9): self only echo cold damage 55% x4
o Totem of Poison (rank 3): boost poison AoE damage 15%
o Totem of Venom (rank 5): boost poison AoE damage 25%
o Totem of the Virus (rank 9): boost poison AoE damage 45%

Other Spells

o Abyssal Steed (AA ability for Shadowknights) now exists. The AA ability now points correctly to this spell and casts the SumNightmareFast horse.

Other Changes

o Fixed the doors in the Takish-Hiz zones in Ldons.
o Several fixes to the charm quests following the recent changes.
o Increased the number of spell drops from Phara Dar and Cazic Thule to x3 (was x2) to compensate for the new spells being added to the same table.
o Added the rank IV spells that drop in DSK (tier 7) to Bixt's loot table, including the new tier 7 shaman spells above.
o Increased the Mistress of Blight's Tier 9 spell drop chance to 100% from 50%, to compensate for the number of new spells on this list (this will increase to x2 spells at some point).
o Potentially fixed a zone crash bug, will be keeping an eye on it.

- The THF Team

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