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Information about The Hidden Forest server.
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[THF] Player Guide

Post#1 » Sun Nov 18, 2018 1:54 pm

Welcome to The Hidden Forest server!
To play on The Hidden Forest server you will need the following EverQuest client (only Underfoot supported at this time) and an eqemu or THF account to log in with to the game server.

Setup guide.

o RoF2 client download

If you already have a clean UF or RoF2 client from other sources you can simply download the THF patcher from here. If you play on other emulated EverQuest servers we suggest having a separate folder just for The Hidden Forest due to the fact that some files will be overwritten.

2. Unzip the content of the everquest_rof2_thf.zip file to wherever you want your client to be.
Important: Do NOT run the game with the default everquest.exe/eqgame.exe files.

3. Start the game with the THFdownloader.
Run the THFDownloader.exe located in the root of your your EverQuest folder. This will update the client with the latest THF custom files. Start the game by clicking the Play button when the patching completed.

4. Log in to your account.
You can either use an eqemu account (if you already have one) or create a new THF account and use it to log into the game server. Select The Hidden Forest server at the server list and you should be set to start your adventure!
If you wish to create a THF account or would like to use your eqemu account with the THF login server, please check this post out.

5. Having trouble?
This is a quick and simple setup guide. If you have any trouble during the installation, please check the login server FAQ or make a post here. If you are a returning player having account related issue, please post in the petition subforum.

Enjoy your stay!
The THF team

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