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[THF] Discord Channel

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The Hidden Forest has its very own official Discord channel. This is a place for everyone to use to chat with others and to use the voice channels whilst grouping and raiding and just chatting between games. It's a family-friendly place so when using open channels, please abide by our rules which can be read below.

Here's the link to access our Discord server: https://discord.gg/bG4UJKF

You can even have your very own guild private channels:
Request A Guild Discord Channel

A brand new plugin has been added that allows chat between Discord to ooc (in game) and vice versa! For more information how this works and how to get set up so you can use this tool in both directions, read the Discord to OOC information page

Finally, this server is moderated constantly. Please treat others with respect! All server rules apply even in your provate channels, unless otherwise stated below.

The rules for using our Discord server are:

  1. Treat others with respect!
  2. No abusive language in the public channels (this rule doesn't apply to your private guild channels, just keep it clean in the public ones!)
  3. No trolling or arguing with others excessively. Disagreements/discussions are fine but keep it civil. If you can't work things out politely, take it elsewhere.
  4. No advertising, please. This isn't a recruitment zone for your friends' server or other games.
  5. Please do share the link with others! But only use our server for THF purposes, please. We welcome everyone but we don't want our server flooded with users who aren't playing on our server or never intend to do so.
  6. Please do not spam or bug others.
  7. You can use Discord as a method to contact the GMs but please be aware that we have lives and families and cannot necessarily respond instantly. We'll reply as soon as we can, though! We'd like Discord to be a good place for you to feel you can talk to us about things!
  8. If you have any problems or need to report anyone breaking the rules, please use the petition thread as you would do for in game issues

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