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[THF] Discord to OOC chat information

Post#1 » Mon Jan 27, 2020 11:50 pm

We are glad to announce an exciting new Discord plugin!

New features.
o The plugin allows Everquest to communicate with Discord in a bidirectional manner.

o All in-game ooc chat will display in the Discord #ooc text channel.

o Typing in the Discord #ooc text channel will show ingame.
To enable a player to talk from Discord to EQ please make a permission request at the #request_ooc_permission text channel. Simply provide your main character name and level.

o o The Discord ServerChat[BOT] will show how many players are online in-game at all time.

o Typing in ooc with the WTS/WTB tags will show up in the #auction text channel.
Replying in the #auction text channel will show up in-game in ooc.

Credit goes to our veteran player Xackery aka Shin Noir the dark elf bard for this awesome tool! <3

If you haven't joined the official THF discord yet, please see this post.

- The THF team

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