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[THF] Server Rules

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Welcome to the The Hidden Forest server!

Playing on The Hidden Forest server is totally FREE, however we kindly ask you to read and follow the server rules.

# Use common sense! We are here to have fun, and enjoy the game. We created this community and content that literally took thousands of hours for you. So don't mess around and make the gaming experience horrible for anyone else.


# Respectable Game Play or in other terms means Play Fair, Play Nice, Respect each other and have fun. The server's goal is to have a fun and an enjoyable time while you play. Note that this includes joke such as ALT-F4 or /ext when someone request help.

# No KSing or Ninjaing. This is not a kill or be killed, ks or be ks'd (kill stealing) type server, we like our community to enjoy their time here without having to deal with disrespectful players ruining their play time.
If you did not kill it, it does not belong to you. This includes flags, loot and anything else gained from the kill. You must have permission from the person/guild who made the kill. Please respect camps but at the same time do not hog the whole zone by yourself or your own "team". Contact a GM if you need to before any blood is shed :)

# AFK Killing. AFK killing is not allowed. Camping with a pet in some spot and letting the pet kill over and over while you are AFK will get you suspended at best or even banned depending on the magnitude of the violation or if the violation is repeated.

# No drama. Be mature:
o Don't spam OOC/Shout channels. No drama, no swearing, no racist jokes, no RL crap! This includes drugs, sex, politics and religion; keep that for tells or guildchat if you must. OOC is serverwide and we all enjoy a good chat, however don't spam or annoy players in OOC. If in doubt, ask a fellow player or talk to the NPCs in the starting zone. They talk alot and know alot!

o Use of Inappropriate discussion (drama, racist jokes or comments, drugs, sex, politics or religion) or profane language in Out of Character (OOC) or any other public channel may result in account suspension with or without warning at the GM's discretion. (Excuses like "well there are filters", "others do it worse" and "they pissed me off" is not going to save you). Changing a couple of letters on a vulgar word or even shorting them (such as GTFO, WTF, etc.) is not acceptable either.

o OOC shouting your anger using profane words is not acceptable, so you get trained and now you shout in OOC "whats your problem a**hole" this is an issue changing event, you being a victim of someones ignorance has now turned into you disrespecting the entire server. And now you will feel like you are being double teamed by the GM and the trainer in question. Keep it in /tells or report it, reporting methods are: pm on the forums, petition or send a GM a direct tell if you feel the issue is lasting long enough for a GM to respond and investigate. This does not actually mean your issue will be dealt with immediately it may take some time to get back in contact with you. Excessive use of OOC can be considered trolling as well - for example, several and repeated conversations to other guild members bantering them over OOC where everyone else can see it server wide is not acceptable - please keep bantering on your own guild chat.

# Training, Ninja Looting and Kill Stealing. (KS'ing). These are highly unacceptable actions. We are aware it happens from time to time accidentally. But the intentional types of this action will get your account flagged for suspension with or without warning at the GM's discretion.

# Don't spam the GM's. When we are in game, we are working and rather busy. Don't be shy to talk to us if you need anything, but don't ask us for items, resses, buffs, mobs loot table, respawn times, item reimbursement, walls of text without notice or anything to that extend. You can always send us a PM in the forum or petition ingame. Telling a GM how to do their job is also not acceptable and actions may be taken as the GM sees fitting. Arguing with the GM or trolling the GM are also not acceptable actions and could carry a suspension or a ban. They are volunteered help trying to do their best to assist with the server anyway they can. If for some reason a GM can not assist you on an issue to your expectations then try to PM your concern on the forums in a respectable manner to the GM in question and maybe a solution can be worked out with more time. Again, arguing, trolling, patronizing, not being polite with any GM is a sure way to lose playing time.

# 3rd party programs and exploiting. We see it as some players come to eqemu to relive what they enjoyed about eqlive without the hassle of having to be in a top guild to do much of anything. With that comes them boxing and running scripts to make their time more enjoyable. For this reason we do allow players to use MQ2 or other 3rd party programs so long as it is not "over abused". The definition of over abused is up to the development team's opinion. If we see a player AFK macroing/ghosting/warping, it's obviously abuse. These actions will get the player banned right away. Exploiting any aspect of the game is strictly prohibited.
Please note, we still encourage everyone to play on THF without any 3rd party program usage (with the exception of the MQ2 /stick command) to fully enjoy and experience the content and it's difficulty as it is. Some 3rd party program can seriously spoil the game.
If you want to discuss 3rd party programs, we have a subforum for that but we do not allow in-game promotion/discussion of this topic; keep it to that forum exclusively.

# Naming Scheme. Your in game name & surname should not contain any racial, sexual, drugs, religious, hateful or otherwise offensive or suggestive content (and changing some letters of an abusing word won't cut it...). Failure to comply will result in deletion of character for the first offense and a ban if the behavior continues. Same goes for BoT names and Guild names.

# Guild hopping. For the purpose of farming instances, guild hopping is prohibited and brings about a ban.

# Ban/Suspension Evasion. If you are temporarily suspended or banned and you try to evade that ban by creating new accounts, changing IPs, login with another account or some other way, the ban will be permanent on all your accounts and toons and on any future accounts. When you are banned or suspended "you" are the person penalized, not the one single toon you might have been using. A note on sharing accounts: If you share your account and a person does anything to get suspended or banned, that account will be penalized -- so lending your accounts carries some responsibility. "It wasn't me, it was my little brother!" is not a valid defense here.

# Selling/trading characters or accounts. Selling/trading characters or accounts on THF is strictly prohibited and those accounts will get banned permanently. Any trading of any in-game objects (including but not limited to currencies, items, and characters) for real life currency is not permitted. Any trading of any in-game objects for other server's in-game objects is prohibited.

* Policy and Rules subject to be changed and updated at the host or GM's discretion therefore these rules are not set in stone and may or may not pertain to a situation resulting in alternative actions if needed.

Enjoy your stay,
The THF team

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