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ItemPriceQuantity AvailableTrader
Aged Apothic Staff of the Burgerz75000p(1)Discounts
Aged Crown of the Burgerz70000p(1)Discounts
Aged Nightfall of the Burgerz65000p(1)Discounts
Aged Robe of the Burgerz60000p(1)Discounts
Aged Shoulderpads of the Burgerz70000p(1)Discounts
Band of the Burgerz18000p(1)Discounts
Band of the Heretic25000p(1)Discounts
Blizzard Stiletto35000p(1)Discounts
Broken Bone Loop2500p(1)Discounts
Chaotic Coins20p(14)Discounts
Chaotic Ebony Bladed Sword90p(1)Discounts
Cloak of Fire60000p(1)Discounts
Cloak of Fire60000p(1)Discounts
Cloudy Azure Sphere14000p(1)Discounts
Crystal of Siphon10000p(1)Discounts
Drape of the Burgerz40000p(1)Discounts
Earring of Fear75000p(1)Discounts
Earring of the Burgerz30000p(1)Discounts
Evening Black Cape4000p(1)Discounts
Eye of the Sandstorm1000p(1)Discounts
Fordel Star Ring5000p(1)Discounts
Fragment of Eternity1500p(1)Discounts
Frost Bane15000p(1)Discounts
Girdle of Flames3500p(1)Discounts
Girdle of Magma4000p(1)Discounts
Golden Leaf of Calamity4000p(1)Discounts
Half-Frozen Halibut15000p(1)Discounts
Haunted Force50000p(1)Discounts
Haven Guard Ceremonial Bow5000p(1)Discounts
Heavy Windriders Lance100p(1)Discounts
Helmet of Dark Coral15000p(1)Discounts
Horrid Shoulder Guards18000p(1)Discounts
Imbued Woodland Band3000p(1)Discounts
Katana of the Burgerz35000p(1)Discounts
Loop of Dawnfire3500p(1)Discounts
Mask of the Burgerz35000p(1)Discounts
Prayer Shawl16000p(1)Discounts
Radiant Crystal20p(100)Discounts
Radiant Crystal20p(100)Discounts
Radiant Crystal20p(100)Discounts
Radiant Crystal20p(100)Discounts
Radiant Crystal20p(99)Discounts
Radiant Crystal20p(100)Discounts
Radiant Crystal20p(100)Discounts
Ring of the Tracker3500p(1)Discounts
Ring of Undeath75000p(1)Discounts
Sapphire Inlaid Necklace4000p(1)Discounts
Shadow Soul Fragment500p(1)Discounts
Shard of Health4000p(1)Discounts
Shawl of Drizku60000p(1)Discounts
Shimmering Sleeves of the Burgerz30000p(1)Discounts
Shissar Skull Ring2500p(1)Discounts
Shroud of Hate65000p(1)Discounts
Silver Mask of Thought4000p(1)Discounts
Spell: Ancestral Focus Rk. I6500p(3)Spellz
Spell: Beholder's Gaze Rk. I4500p(1)Spellz
Spell: Blessed Wave Rk. I3000p(2)Spellz
Spell: Blessing of the Nameless Rk. I4000p(1)Spellz
Spell: Blessing of Zealot Rk. I4500p(2)Spellz
Spell: Brell's Barrier Rk. I3000p(6)Spellz
Spell: Circle of the Forest5000p(11)Spellz
Spell: Comet Strike Rk. I3500p(4)Spellz
Spell: Covenant of the Flamewielder Rk. I4500p(8)Spellz
Spell: Cry For Blood Rk. I3000p(1)Spellz
Spell: Death Swarm Rk. I3000p(4)Spellz
Spell: Enchanting Allure Rk. I3000p(3)Spellz
Spell: Euphoric Bliss Rk. I3000p(11)Spellz
Spell: Euphoric Noose Rk. I3500p(9)Spellz
Spell: Euphoric Spasm Rk. I6000p(2)Spellz
Spell: Faithful Light Rk. I6000p(2)Spellz
Spell: Fickle Inferno Rk. I3500p(6)Spellz
Spell: Firestorm of Ro Rk. I3000p(1)Spellz
Spell: Flame Blaze Rk. I4500p(4)Spellz
Spell: Forest Portal5000p(12)Spellz
Spell: Gelid Strike Rk. I4500p(2)Spellz
Spell: Gladiator Rk. I4500p(3)Spellz
Spell: Grasp of Death Rk. I3500p(2)Spellz
Spell: Hawk's Talon Rk. I3000p(3)Spellz
Spell: Immolation of Solusek Rk. I3000p(7)Spellz
Spell: Infusion of Faith Rk. I3500p(3)Spellz
Spell: Insidious Harvest Rk. I3000p(6)Spellz
Spell: Insight of the Seer RK. I6500p(4)Spellz
Spell: Javelin of Corruption Rk. I3500p(2)Spellz
Spell: Mana Inferno Rk. I4000p(4)Spellz
Spell: Mind Meld Rk. I2500p(4)Spellz
Spell: Minstrel's Guard Rk. I4000p(2)Spellz
Spell: Moon Curse Rk. I4000p(1)Spellz
Spell: Nature's Beckon Rk. I3500p(5)Spellz
Spell: Nature's Prayer Rk. I4000p(4)Spellz
Spell: Needle Spine Rk. I3000p(7)Spellz
Spell: Power of the Forest Rk. I3500p(3)Spellz
Spell: Redwood Skin Rk. I3500p(4)Spellz
Spell: Siren's Cry Rk. I2500p(3)Spellz
Spell: Sorcerer's Veil Rk. I4000p(2)Spellz
Spell: Spiritual Endowment Rk. I4500p(7)Spellz
Spell: Spiritual Sacrifice Rk. I4000p(5)Spellz
Spell: Spiritual Touch Rk. I5000p(4)Spellz
Spell: Summon: Ornament of Fire Rk. I3500p(2)Spellz
Spell: Torrent of Malsoin Rk. I5000p(2)Spellz
Spell: Visions of Power Rk. I4500p(4)Spellz
Spell: Wild Ascendance Rk. I4000p(6)Spellz
Staff of Stone200p(1)Discounts
Staff of the Arcanist3500p(1)Discounts
Tear of the Rainmaker1000p(1)Discounts
The Ugly Stick14000p(1)Discounts
Tome of Animalistic Fury Rk. I4500p(11)Spellz
Tome of Assassin's Chaos Rk. I4000p(9)Spellz
Tome of Cold Rage I4000p(1)Spellz
Tome of Cold Rage I4000p(1)Spellz
Tome of Deep Shadows Rk. I3500p(4)Spellz
Tome of Defender's Guard Rk. I5000p(4)Spellz
Tome of Defender's Vengeance Rk. I3000p(6)Spellz
Tome of Echoing Whispers Rk. I3000p(9)Spellz
Tome of Feint of Shadow Rk. I2500p(8)Spellz
Tome of Fire Binding3500p(1)Discounts
Tome of Flaming Hatred Rk. I4500p(4)Spellz
Tome of Hand of the Master Rk. I3000p(7)Spellz
Tome of Hermit's Insight Rk. I3500p(9)Spellz
Tome of Infused Chaos Rk. I3500p(6)Spellz
Tome of Minstrel's Gift Rk. I3500p(10)Spellz
Tome of Necromancy20000p(1)Discounts
Tome of Protector's Fury Rk. I3000p(6)Spellz
Tome of Shattering Fist I2500p(1)Spellz
Tome of Vengeful Anger Rk. I4500p(8)Spellz
Tome of Vengeful Champion Rk. I3000p(7)Spellz
Tome of Zephyr of Strength Rk. I1500p(3)Spellz
Winter Essence12000p(1)Discounts