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Since some people are not aware of what the rules for Alt-P are, here is the full list.


Alt-P, is a parallel to main line set of zones, which is designed with intensified content, but slower speed of progression. Players will actually have time to do all the quests before they out level each tier. It is designed for people who like to solo, and do NOT box. Hence the difficulty of all encounters is tuned around the solo (1 char+bot) player power, with exception of some rare encounters designed for 2-3 man teams. It is balanced in such way, that will most appeal to players who like heavy questing, dungeon crawling, exploring, and crafting their own customizable gear.

The power of gear and weapons in Alt-P is also tuned down compared to main line. At the lower levels of Alt-P, the gear is similar to that of lower levels gear in the main line, but the general progression is broken into greater number of tiers than the main line, so the gear power growth is less significant per tier.

Because of this, any items obtained in the main line, can break the balance of the Alt-P and trivialize its difficulty.

Few things you may want to know:

When you first enter the Paineel, Talk to Emissary - he will tell you the story background of what is going on. In addition, take your time to talk to all the npcs there, as almost all of them have some sort of quest, task, and general info and what is going on. Never mind that some of the npcs maybe some other class guild leaders - most of them will still have quests for you. Note that there is a big bunch of npcs located in the stair tunnel leading to the water pond (where Hole entrance is) - make sure to talk to them as well. Pretty much any item that drops in Alt-P has some sort of value, either as quest or craft item. The exit from Warrens on the other end will take you to Stonebrunt, a 2nd tier zone for Alt-P - this is a higher level zone, and I suggest you get full set of your warrens gear before going there (Stonebrunt starts at 20+)

You can figure out rest of information by reading threads in this forum section.

The actual rules are following:

-You may only enter Alt-P with a brand new NAKED level 1 character, by presenting your Charm of Diamond Crusade along with Queens Charm to the Herald in the Forest (you will get the Diamond Crusade charm back, but Queens charm will be removed)

-You may not bring any other items with you beyond starting gear, or pass them via shared bank. (passing money or WR bags is allowed, if you really have too, but not suggested)

-You may not BOX in Alt-P (bots are allowed) or use multiple logged in chars to powerlevel.

-You may leave Alt-P by talking to the Fairy in Paineel, but them you may never come back.

-Finding any sort of alternative means to sneak in and out of Alt-P by any other way is STRICTLY prohibited.


Alt-P, was originally planned to take your character to level 70, with armor that would be unique to the main line armors, but equivalent. Currently Alt-P takes you to around level 45-50, and is complete to that point.