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  • My bot isn't following me! Be the leader of your group, and invite the bot to the group. They will autojoin and then follow you.
  • My bot stopped healing me! You probably have some type of regen or HoT spell on. Click that buff off or block it altogether to make your healer heal you again.
  • My bot didn't zone with me! As leader of the group and owner of the bot, you must be the first one to zone in the group if you wish for your bot to zone with you.

Sections covered in this guide:

The Quick “How-to” Bot Guide
Bot facts, limitations and rules
The types of bots available and their primary use
Bot-by-class breakdown
What’s the best bot for me?
Bot control techniques
Buffing My Bot and Bot Equipment

The Quick “How-to” Bot Guide

This section won’t explain in absolute detail how to create and run a bot but it will point you in the right direction. Only totally new players need pay attention to this section.
Brand these three commands into your brain!

  1. bot help – Lists all general bot commands available to you. Everyone should read this list in full before even thinking of what bot to make
  2. bot help create – Lists the information you need to know to create your first (and all subsequent) bots. Read this right after you’ve read the help list above.
  3. bot group help – A handy and short list of group control commands that you will need, so worth a quick read but I’ll go over these later on in the guide to explain their use and how best to use them

Bot facts, limitations and rules

This is a list of things most players should know about bots and how limited they are, as well as the rules enforced on their usage.

1. Do not try to give your bot a charm he will just eat it
2. You can create as many bots as you like but you can only have one bot in the world at any time
3. Each group is limited to one bot only. No bots allowed in raid.
4. If a bot dies or if you tell it to camp anywhere other than the home zone (The Hidden Forest/Shadowed Grove/Guild Hall) then you will have to wait three minutes before you can respawn a bot.
5. Bots will do nothing unless grouped with their owner; to group with your bot simply /invite the bot as you would a normal player and it will join your group automatically
6. Once grouped with its owner, the bot will proceed to follow the owner, by default.
7. If it is a caster bot it will attempt to cast any buffs that are missing from itself and any players in the group.
8. By default, the bot will attempt to attack any target you attempt to attack when using auto-attack (and only auto-attack; the bot won’t assist you if you use a special attack or cast a spell: alternatively, you can explicitly instruct the bot to attack using the #bot group attack command).
9. If you do not wish this to happen, tell your bot to #bot group guard and it will stay put and only attack when you tell it to do so using #bot group attack
10. Bots are persistent and will zone with you (bugs notwithstanding)
11. Bots do not automatically level up with you until they are spawned again, until they zone or until you tell them to update using #bot update (after targeting the bot)
12. Bots take experience as any other group member would, although they don’t level up from it
13. Bots do not cause mobs to agro unless you explicitly tell them to attack or unless they heal/assist you in some way after you attack a mob. They are never affected by faction and are ignored by everything in the game until combat is started. This is an extremely useful thing to know.
14. Bots do get passive AA abilities available at their level
15. Bots do not use disciplines or clickys and, so far as I know, do not use non-passive aa abilities
16. Bots disappear instantly when they die; they do not leave a corpse and they leave your group.
17. In some cases, particularly with melee-based bots, there is a bug where they can cease to “exist” in the game world without actually disappearing, if their hitpoints get too low – it’s as if they actually did “die” but didn’t (possibly this is caused by them losing consciousness then regaining it before death). This will leave the bot a useless husk, limited to following you around, until healed enough. At this point they can continue to be used as normal (if you don’t die before that time!)
18. Bots are not as good as and probably never will be as good as a competent human player. Don’t expect them to be. That said, bots also don’t suffer from some human flaws; they won’t panic when things go a bit wrong and will happily continue to do their job, often healing and tanking (for example) quite well, despite all hell breaking loose. If you can keep your cool and use them correctly, they can save your life.
19. Bots can often have limitations in how they perform their roles; the biggest and most common limitation currently is healing. More on this later in the class-based guide
20. Bots can, however, also excel at their roles, such as tanking; it could be said a bot tank holds agro on a single mob more efficiently than most player tanks. Again, more on this later in the class-based guide
21. You can give bots no-trade items. Be wary of giving bots lore items that you also own (or intend to subsequently loot); if you retrieve that item from the bot at a later time you will probably lose one as the game automatically deletes the offending lore item. This can also prevent you retrieving the item altogether.
22. You can aug items for your bot by using #bot augmentitem command if you yourself can not use the armor or augment.

The types of bots available and their primary use

This is relatively obvious to players that know how EQ works but I’ll go through it anyway, as some still ask the question as to what is the best type of bot to have.

Holds agro of the mob for you while you either keep the tank alive or cause as much damage to the target as possible (or both). When choosing a tank, bear in mind that they cannot use disciplines. Due to this, a lot of people opt to use the paladin bot as it holds agro, takes a decent beating and dishes out decent DPS (if equipped well): the main boost here is the paladin bot will heal himself while still holding agro and will heal you as well. That said, the shadow knight and warrior tank bots both do very well in terms of tanking and taking damage; they’re just more reliant on someone else to heal them.

Keeps you alive while you attack your targets. You can opt for the pure heal option and go for the cleric but be aware the cleric will be quite limited in tough battles until you get into the later 60s and level 70 (although this applies to all bots). Find your limit and try not to go past it (if that boss encounter is clearly killing you before your cleric can heal you, you need more DPS or you need to level up before trying again). Shaman and druid bots can heal OK if you realise their limitations (more on class-based guide later) and you get nice buffs as well. Rangers can heal OK as well, plus providing a lot more DPS. Consider which is the best option depending on you and your scenario and go with it.

This should be relatively obvious but be aware that a caster type bot probably isn’t going to deliver the same level DPS as a melee type. The best DPS you can get if you don’t wish to spend too much time on equipment is the monk bot but the highest DPS of all is available through the rogue bot, with decent weapons. Hybrids give nice DPS as well but, as yet, I haven’t tried the caster bot DPS so cannot comment on this. It should be noted that the rogue bot is going to need a healer as they will lose hit points pretty fast.

Sometimes all you need is to get a teleport/evac to a location, to track for mobs or to get a particular buff. Many bot types offer useful skills you might not have handy so read through the #bot help list and familiarise yourself with the abilities available.

more coming soon.