The Hidden Forest

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The Hidden Forest (THF) is a unique and completely custom starting zone. It is the hub for entire THF world. Here you will find everything a novice adventure would need before venturing out into the vast world of THF. Here you will find npc's with useful facts of the server, knowledge of the zones for quick teleporting to the adventuring areas, even some friendly enough to guide you around to your interest. You will also find everthing here ranging from a banker, merchants, class skill trainers and spell scribers with many more exciting custom features around every turn. Make sure you take the time to explore and speak with all the residents of THF before heading on to another area, theres lots to do and knowing all you can will make your stay on THF server more enjoyable.

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Starting out


When you begin playing your first character on THF, it is recommended that you find and speak with Queen Adrianne (server greeter) to get your gift that will allow you to gate back the THF when needed and to learn about the lore between Chaos and Order.

Also speak with Curious to find out if you are ready to play on THF ? He will ask you a series of questions like is his pet human or do you see an unknown effect on a weapon to verify that you are up to date on the global and spell files.

New Introduction Task for players to get familiar with THF residents before moving on.

Once you are finished talking to them and are ready to play, below is a useful list of all the npc's who have taken resident in THF to help you get prepared and more...


The Hidden Forest's Most Popular NPC

Queen Adrianne (server greeter)

Curious (Are you ready to play on THF ?)

Finx (server information)

Moosher (Banker)

Twinken (bot related information)

Organ (spell and discipline trainer)

Tremmo (common tongue trainer)

Chump (soul binder)

Sune the High Priestess (buff,heal,cure)

Wimbledink (open up all tradeskills)

Forlin (artifact information)

Morden (pvp status toggler)

Class trainers

Class GMs are located in the cave on the eastern side of THF used for initially training skills and turning in discipline tomes


Umbo (misc)

Hundo (weapon and summoned items)

Vial (potion vendor)

Moun (plate armor)

Moarn (leather armor)

Foon (chain armor)

Ammo (silk armor)

Feeb the Animist (familiar vendor)

Zone Chart

Zone teleporters

  • Elyse (Teleporter to normal zones)
  • Lazy (skyshrine)
  • The Bazaar (bazaar teleporter)
  • Guildhall (guild hall teleporter)
  • Twitter (augment - bird bath)
  • Lilly (charm 6.0 instance)

Herald of the Diamond Crusade (alternate progression path)

Trixy (LDoN Adventures)

Trix (1-30)

Trin (30-55)

Trill (55-70)

Tinx (70+ exp)

Tikk (70+group)

Trik (Tier 1)

Tiel (Tier 2)

Tin (Tier 3)

Liw (Tier 4)

Lim (Tier 5)

Quest npc


Epic 1.0

Class armor

Bessila Harvestmaiden

Miraculous Food Quest


Improved Charm Quest


Chaotic Armor Quest


The Headhunter Quest

Gondon (ancient weapon quest)

Epic 1.5

Epic 2.0

Parsing Dummies

Parsing dummies are in place if your curious about your characters damage per second(dps), These dummies can also be used to train skills up.

Vlad, Vlar, Vlan, Cazic Thule Dummy and Fennin Ro the Dummy