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Hello Adventurer,

We hope you enjoy The Hidden Forest server as much as we do enjoy running it and extending the content on a daily basis. We love this game and we love this project. This is why we are here.

Our beloved server is running dedicated on a quality hardware background to grant reliability, performance and stability. There are costs to run a server like this as well as upgrade it to maintain or increase performance and stability. So we decided to open up PayPal donations for the ones who decide to support our project. Please note that the server is totally donation independent. We don't need you to pay our bills or anything like that. Donations are totally voluntary based. However, if you enjoy playing on our server, please consider sharing our costs.

As our gratitude to our contributors we would like to offer one of the following packages as gifts.

Please note:

  • Donator items are character and not account based. It is not possible to move or change a donator item between characters
  • Changing, mixing the gift packages is not possible, we can offer what you see below
  • You don't gain any further benefits beside the Donator gifts and options listed here
  • The same Server rules apply to you as they do to anyone else
  • Bots can use donator items/weapons (besides the clicky effect)
  • Donator items will be constantly upgraded to follow item progression
  • If you want to request a character transfer, please make sure you've logged in the destination account at least once to THF. (the account have to register to our database)
  • Only valid race and class combinations will work for the race change. For example, if you are a Barbarian Shaman, then the races that you will have available are Ogre, Vah Shir, Iksar, Troll, or Frog
  • Please read about Donation Guidelines in more details: here

By donating to the server, you agree to the rules detailed above.

Donation Packages

  1. Donator Items
  2. Donator Weapons
  3. Donator Augments
  4. Donator Breastplates

How to Donate