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How do I get to Stillmoon?

  • Target the Tier 2 raid teleporter and /say stillmoon.

Which zones are open and which are instanced?

Custom NPCs

Where can I get my class spells/disciplines?

  • Speak with Organ in The Hidden Forest.

How do I get back to The Hidden Forest?

  • Right click your charm, Charm of Queen Adrianne given to you by Queen Adrianne at lvl 1. If you do not have this charm, speak to the Queen (located centrally in The Hidden Forest) at any time to receive it. If you are in another zone and unable to return to The Hidden Forest, then you may i) die and respawn in the forest, ii) seek out Flinx the teleporter NPC if you are in one of the custom leveling zones, iii) spawn a druid or wizard bot and use the /say #bot gate command, or iv) use the Stuck Character Mover.

Is there an npc that can buff/heal/cure me?

  • Simply speak with Sune in The Hidden Forest for buffs appropriate to your level.

Who may I speak to in order to unlock class-specific tradeskills for any class?

  • Speak with Wimbledink in The Hidden Forest.


Where are all of the bazaar traders and why won't my /bazaar tool find them?

  • They have congregated in the Red, Diamond area (see in-game map). Be sure to 'click' on the yellow teleporter to go up.

I can't search in the bazaar, what can I do?

Client Problems

Why can't I zone in to ToFrozenShadow/PoStorms/Highpass Hold?

  • You have a newer client such as Underfoot, and you're missing the actual zone files. Simply copy the files (should be about 8 in the root EQ folder) from a Titanium or any other EQ install that does have them. File sharing on the forums is strictly prohibited.

Why won't my hp/mana reach full in the UI?

  • You have a SoD or newer client, which uses different HP/Mana calculations than the server. This is merely cosmetic and has no bearing on gameplay. The differences are dramatic at lower levels, but become negligible when you gear up at 70. There is no fix for this. Use /say #mystats for your precise stats.

Login Server

Why can't I connect to THF?

  • If you signed up your account with eqemulator.org, then you must properly configure your eqhost.txt file to point to eqemulator.org's login server.
  • If you signed up your account with thehiddenforest.org's login server, then please check first to see if the server is online or if it is briefly down for scheduled maintainence. If the server is up and you still cannot connect, please check your eqhost.txt file to make sure the client is pointing to the correct login server for your client.
  • Titanium and SoF clients using THF's login server must have the following in eqhost.txt:
    • [LoginServer]
  • SoD and UF clients using THF's login server must have the following in eqhost.txt:
    • [LoginServer]

Can I switch to THF's login server if I created the account at eqemulator.org?


Why won't _____ NPC talk to me?

  • Be sure you're targeting them and standing very close to them.


What is a bot and how may I use it?

  • A bot is a companion that acts like another player on the server (in that you can group and equip them) but they are controlled by you as if it were a pet of sorts.

How do I create a bot?

  • Bots are created and controlled by in-game chat commands. They all being with /say #bot. To create your first bot, following the guidelines and example issued by the command /say #bot help create

How do I control a bot?

  • Firstly, invite your bot to your group. You must be the leader. Secondly, for a list of active commands, type /say #bot help and /say #bot group help. No one but the server sees these commands in chat.

What can bots do?

  • Bots can do almost anything that a player can of the respective class.
  • Bots can heal you and your group (if a healing class).
  • Bots can taunt and tank mobs (if a tank class).
  • Bots can dps.
  • Bots can resurrect, buff, bind, cure, and several other utility spells.

What are the limitations of a bot?

  • Bots are restricted to 1 in a group and 0 in a raid. They may only be spawned by the leader of the group.
  • Bots cannot use disciplines or activated AAs.
  • Bots cannot be swapped rapidly. While you may create multiple for different scenarios, you must camp one out before bringing in another, and doing so repeatedly incurs a spawn timer.
  • Bots can be very good, but they can only react to what has already happened. A bot healer cannot anticipate incoming damage like a real player can.
  • Bots often mistake regeneration buffs for Heal Over Time buffs. If your bot is not healing you, it probably thinks your measly regen is doing a fine job. Click off the regen buff and your bot should begin healing again.
  • Bots do not zone properly if their owner is not the first in the group to zone. In these cases, if the bot owner does not zone first, they must then disband and respawn, and then invite their bot to the group.

What are the benefits of a bot?

  • They can equip any item (No Drop or not) that the owner has that fits their class/race, and also give it back at the bot owner's request. All augments are preserved, but attuneable items will become No Drop.