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Rangers are a versatile and durable DPS class, dealing heavy physical damage from any distance. Rangers are capable of tanking, but due to a lack of defensive disciplines they are limited to tanking 1-2 tiers below their gear level. Their modest healing ability allows for quick recovery between battles; this combination of damage and survivability makes the Ranger an ideal solo class, while their sustained DPS through /autofire is a keen addition to any box team.

Disciplines & Spells

Spell listing found here Spell Search for full list by class.

Organ in THF Hubzone "Forest" will teach you all your disc's and spells to current lvl up to lvl 69.

Epic & Donor Weapons


Rangers do not currently have any custom quests.

Levels 1 through 30

Quests in City of Mist

Quests in Karnors Castle

Quests in the Ruins of Old Guk

Quests in Oasis of Marr

Levels 55 through 70

Quests in Old Sebilis

Quests in Nagafen's Lair

  • There are currently no quests in Nagafen's Lair

Quests in The Plane of Valor

Level 70

Quests in Icewell Keep

  • There are currently no quests in Icewell

Quests in Fungus Grove

  • There are currently no quests in Fungus Grove

Quests in Plane of Storms

  • There are currently no quests in Plane of Storms

Level 70 Grouped

Quests in Bastion of Thunder

  • There are currently no quests in Bastion of Thunder

Quests in Chardok

Quests in Kael Drakkel

Quests in Wall of Slaughter

T8 Quests