The Hidden Vale

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Choose your Adventure!


The Hidden Vale (THV) also used as a secondary hub on THF (lvl 61+) and is where LDoN missions are found amongst other useful necessities like Tradeskill Merchant, Blacksmith Forge, Tailors Loom, Brewing Barrel, Bakers Oven and a Pottery Kiln. You will also find a Banker, the Soulbinder, Misc Merchant, Sune the high priestess for buffs
and the Zone Teleport Fairies to most of the 70+ zones.

Adventure System

Adventures are sort of like miniature missions that you and your group can enjoy. You can visit one of the nearby orcs to obtain an adventure of four various types - rescue, assassination, slaughter, and collection. The Takish-Hiz and Miragul's Menagerie adventures are the easier pair of missions and the Rujarkian Hills and Mistmoore Catacombs adventures are much harder.

You should also be aware that there is a time to each adventure. The time limit may change from adventure to adventure most are allotted 120 minutes, you will always have 30 minutes of grace before to prepare and 30 minutes afterwards if your time runs out. If you complete the adventure during this extended 30 minutes, you will only receieve half of the normal reward points.

Points are awarded after every successful adventure and the points can be saved up to buy certain special items in the chests nearby. If you choose to take on the harder adventures, there is also the chance that you will find other treasures inside from the various inhabitants, but these are rare.

The digital age is upon us and some of the Gnomes have setup a website to keep track of those who win or lose adventures. Leaderboard

To turn in Adventure Tokens, go to Gorga at the back of the caves, near the Drunder entrance.


  • Sune the High Priest (Buff,Heal,Cure)
  • Stex (Banker)
  • Weevil (Adventure System Information)


  • Pack (Misc)
  • Riwel (Tradeskill Supplies)

LDoN Vendors

  • Heleen (Custom Spells)
  • Tinkey (Custom Adventure items)
  • Treasure (Custom Adventure Points Items)
  • Gorga (Turn-in NPC for Adventure Tokens)

Quest NPCs

Zone Teleporters

  • Elyse (Teleporter to normal zones)
  • The Bazaar (Bazaar teleporter)
  • Twitter (Augment - bird bath)
  • Abley (LDON Adventures)

Tinx (70+ exp)

Tikk (70+group)

Trik (Tier 1)

Tiel (Tier 2)

Tin (Tier 3)

Liw (Tier 4)

Lim (Tier 5)

Weevil (Tier 6)

Ghillie (Tier 7)

Nexus (Tier 9)

The Return of the Shissar Missions

Orin Thistblan Novice Tasks

Fillin Thistblan Journeyman Tasks

Odrith Thistblan Expert Tasks