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World bosses: Custom bosses can be found throughout the lands of The Hidden Forest. Tread carefully when exploring non-custom zones even though the area may seem trivial these world bosses are designed to pack a punch. The difficulty is set in tiers ranging from 0-4, dropping unique weapons,armor and trinkets also based on the tier level.

World Bosses

Tier 0

Tier 0 is the easiest of all the world bosses recommended lvl 70.

Tier 1

Tier 1 is the next in line being slighty more difficult recommended 70+ group with Kael gear.

Tier 2

Tier 3 recommended level 70+ group with Temple of Veeshan quest armor and gear.

Tier 3

Tier 3 world bosses 70+ group moderate difficulty, recommended PoFire geared.

Tier 4

Tier 4 world bosses are hard hitting with deadly rampage and ae. They are recommended for 70+ group PoAir geared.

Tier 8

The Tier 8 dragons have a seemingly low hit-rate for a T8 mob, but they hit for 140-160k if they connect with you (one-rounding you). The key thing is that these dragons don't summon.

Run around with your main tank, items to gain aggro (such as Dark Bulwark of Bravery, Shield of the Omniscient, Greaves of Erebos). Be careful not to have the dragon targeted if using Greaves of Erebos, or you'll teleport to him. Spend quite a bit of time building aggro (recommend 8-10 minutes), then have your raid engage. Make sure to heal/cure the AoE, as it has a slowing component. The dragons have a very high amount of HP, so kiting the fight could take a while.

Gorenaire - Casts Diseased Cloud AoE, which does 2000 dmg/tick and slows by 55%.

Talendor - Casts Rising Suns on the main tank if in range (blind, 2500/tick), and Deathly Ward on the raid (poison AoE, insane number of poison counters, 2500/tick). Be careful not to get to close or get blinded.